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Cosworth Pectel SQ6M ECU

SKU: COS-PEC-SQ6M by Pectel
Price $5,775.00

Arguably one of the most advanced control units available on the market. 

Cosworth has literally thought of everything while creating the hardware and Pi Cal Tool software for this ECU. Special features are developed specifically for road racing applications, applicable to both bikes and cars. The SQ6M is hugely powerful, yet easy to map with intuitive software. 

This ECU is used by many OEM and privately run championship teams. Advanced algorithms are designed specifically to deliver enhanced feedback for the rider or driver.

The ECU can be configured by the end user to be compatible with almost any coil, injector, sensor and trigger wheel arrangement, making this a highly flexible unit for several engine types.

It can also handle advanced closed-loop Transmission Control with Paddle Shift System. The SQ6M features a specially designed Auto-Blip with Anti-Push Strategy to eliminate under-steer during downshifts through corner entry.  

It also includes 4 Mb logging at 2KHz with configurable inputs for damper velocity, steering angle, brake pressure, GPS, Lap Beacon, and several other possible chassis inputs, allowing this unit to double as a powerful Data Logger. Pi Toolbox is recognized as the industry gold standard in data analysis. 

There are no hidden costs for enabling standard features or add-on boxes.

The SQ6M comes equipped with AutoSport Connectors for professional level motorsport installation.  

Standard features:

  • Fly-by-Wire
  • Push-to-Pass
  • Boost Control
  • Knock Control 
  • Gear Cut / Auto Blip  
  • Advanced Idle Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Adjustable Traction Control  
  • Dual Wideband Lambda Control 
  • 12 configurable injector drivers 
  • 8 configurable IGBT ignition drivers 
  • User configured switchable outputs 
  • CAN decodes for several applications
  • Advanced limp home modes and engine protection 
  • User configured inputs for array of custom functions 
  • 4 Mb logging with 2000 samples per second using Pi Toolbox 

*Optional upgrade to integrate on-board Paddle Shift Control making for a very simple and clean install, using only one box for both engine and transmission control. 



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