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DRS SC Pre-Injection Kit 30+ Hp Increase

SKU: E85-PIK-750 by DRS
Price $569.95

That's right 30+ Hp increase is possible with a standard M62 Supercharger and E85 Pre-Injection! And without an Intercooler! More power, less heat-soak, better anti-knock, lower emissions and lower cost. 

Tired of heat-soak zapping your power? You already have a Supercharged engine, but you don't want to spend the extra money on upgrading to water-to-air intercooler and the associated labor cost, plus additional complexity and weight.

E85 cost less than standard gasoline and has the performance characteristics of race fuel, plus the added cooling affect when injected into the intake of the Supercharger. This means the E85 fuel literally is mixed into the compressed air of the Supercharger and cools the process internally. Extends the life of the rotor blades and no detrimental side affects to any aspect of the Supercharger and/or engine. 

DRS has a plug and play solution for E85 Pre-Injection on Supercharged engines. The benefits of injecting E85 (85% ethanol fuel / 15% petrol) into the Supercharger are massive temperature reduction, as much as 35 C, and 30+ Hp gains on engines running only 7-10 psi boost. We have over 7 years of experience tuning engines with E85 and have used it in several road and race applications. These kits are available for all standard Exige S, 211, all M62 variants, Katana, BWR, and TVS applications. 

  • Modified SC inlet to hold 2 fuel injectors 
  • Fuel Rail with -6 AN port 
  • Pair of 750cc fuel injectors  
  • Relay and wire harness plugs directly into DRS Map select switch 
  • When running standard petrol fuel simply switch the Map switch and pre-injection is also disabled

*Below items are optional and recommended with this purchase 

  • Our X2 ECU system (we supply 2 maps with our ECU)
  • 900cc to 1000cc set of standard fuel injectors for engines capable of 350 Hp with M62 Supercharger. Note: 400+ Hp is possible with TVS Supercharger.  
  • -6 AN plumbing kit (Teflon hose recommended)
  • AEM 310 LPH ethanol fuel pump 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about tuning with E85 and complete turn-key packages. 

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