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DRS Radiator for Elise / Exige / 211

SKU: DRS-111-RAD-1P by DRS
Price $999.00

Engineered and designed by fellow Lotus Cup Racer Brent Bauman. DRS has been using these radiators in the Lotus Cup USA series since early 2012 and have logged many laps of data, monitoring engine coolant temp and ultimately overall engine health as a result. The higher the power output of the engine, the more critical the thermal capacity. Especially in wheel-to-wheel racing applications where traffic and debris can limit optimum airflow. Our proving grounds are some of the most un-ideal climates for auto racing during summer months. If we know we can survive these conditions, we know we can deliver a solid product.

  • Installs in OEM location
  • Utilizes fully welded aluminum construction
  • Easy to bleed with Schrader valve on end tank
  • Can mount push or pull fans (we recommend SPAL)
  • 3in core / Single pass design
  • Very efficient core design for maximum airflow
  • Includes fabricated ducting to improve airflow through core

May require some trimming of support structure under the front clam, depending on the type of puller fan used. This is not visible once front clam is fitted and not detrimental to the integrity of the front clam support or installation.

Note: 211 cars must use push fan for front clam clearance.

Variant with optional SPAL fan is model # VA10-AP50/C-24A  (puller fan for use with Elise/Exige cars only).

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