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KA Gear Shift Sensor for Flat Shift/ Shift-Cut/ Auto-Blip

SKU: DRS-GST-KA1 by KA Sensor
Price $895.00

Made by KA Sensors UK, a supplier to F1, ETCC, BTCC, and other high end racing series. 

This sensor is designed to measure force relative to gear shifting via compression force integral to the shift knob in order to control the operation, allowing the driver to maintain no-lift-shift/ full throttle during shifting (for upshifts) and Auto-Blip (for downshifts).

A circuit of precise resistors and an integrated amplifier supply a force dependent output voltage signal. As soon as this signal exceeds a certain threshold value in the ECU, the ignition and injection can be adjusted automatically according to the individual ECU application.

The main feature and benefits of this sensor is the combination of high quality production parts, robust design, simple installation with Autosport connector. 

This parts comes ready for use with all DRS ECU systems. 

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