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Welcome to DRS, where precision meets performance in our state-of-the-art Superflow Chassis Dyno Services! Our cutting-edge dynamometer is not just a tool; it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your vehicle. Whether you're a performance enthusiast, a professional racer, or a tuning aficionado, our dyno services are tailored to elevate your driving experience.

Tuning Precision:
Step into the realm of unparalleled tuning precision with our Chassis Dyno Services. We specialize in fine-tuning your vehicle to perfection, ensuring optimal performance across all RPM ranges. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced tuning techniques to enhance power delivery, throttle response, and overall drivability.

Peak Horsepower Measurement:
Harness the power of accurate data. Our dyno measures and records your vehicle's peak horsepower, providing crucial insights for performance optimization. Whether you're fine-tuning for the track or seeking maximum power for the street, our dyno delivers the numbers that matter.

Air/Fuel Ratio Analysis:
Achieve the ideal combustion balance with our comprehensive air/fuel ratio measurements. Our dyno provides real-time data, allowing us to fine-tune your engine for peak efficiency. We optimize your air/fuel mixture, ensuring a perfect balance between power and fuel economy using the industry standard NTK wide-band Lambda for data logging.

Driving Simulations with Load:
Experience a new level of realism with our dynamic driving simulations. Our dyno is equipped with load capabilities, allowing us to simulate various driving conditions and road scenarios. From acceleration tests to load-based tuning, we recreate the challenges your vehicle may face on the road or track.

Expert Technicians:
Trust your vehicle to the hands of our skilled technicians. Our team combines technical expertise with a passion for performance, ensuring that every dyno session is a step towards unleashing the full potential of your machine.

At DRS we understand that precision is the cornerstone of performance. Our Chassis Dyno Services are designed to empower drivers and tuners with the insights needed to push boundaries. Whether you're seeking maximum horsepower, improved drivability, or the perfect tuning setup, our dyno services
are your gateway to automotive excellence. Welcome to a new era of performance – welcome to Dynamic Racing Solutions.

Experience with a variety of engine control systems. Contact us for more information about your specific needs.

Basic Horsepower and Torque measurement with Air/Fuel Ratio
starting at $200 per session.  

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