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Ferrea Rocker Set for 2ZZ

SKU: FSA-RRA-2ZZ by Ferrea
Price $1,990.00

DRS has been working closely with Ferrea Racing to help develop this new product that has revolutionized the 2ZZ engine. Ferrea chose to work with DRS because of our extensive experience with race engine development and our success with wheel-to-wheel racing Lotus cars with the 2ZZ engine.

We have tested these rockers in extreme duty conditions with a sequential gearbox utilizing no-lift shift and clutch-less downshifts. We have extensive data that has exposed the limitations of the stock rocker design and construction in these types of racing conditions. Rapid deceleration during clutch-less downshifts, even with Auto-Blip, is beyond what the OEM rocker can handle. While others are simply selling parts on a website, we have actually taken the time to test these products so that our customers can race with confidence. 

  • Light weight aluminum construction  
  • Implements a true roller design
  • Less friction and reduced parasitic loss 
  • Works with all existing 2ZZ cam profiles
  • Eliminates the VVL function (aka cam switch-over)
  • Enables use of Ferrea dual-valve spring for enhanced valve control



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