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Contitech Belt 6PK2020

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Fitment example: Multi Rib Belt for Lotus 2ZZ, BOE Rev series manifold and M62 Supercharger w/out AC


In today's modern engines, V-ribbed belts drive auxiliary units. They can drive several auxiliary units at once and transmit more power. Yet they take up less space. This makes them ideal for complex drives. Their Duty: the generator, fan, water pump, air-conditioning compressor and power-steering drive. Self-tensioning serpentine belt drives need no re-tightening. Multi V-belts are the high-performance solution for standard and serpentine belt drives in cars, trucks and buses. They are extremely safe, reliable and powerful and have the quality top carmakers, too, prefer as original equipment.

The V-ribbed belt service number provides info on the number of ribs, belt profile and the reference length.


Structure and workings

The V-ribbed belt grew out of the V-belt. Its main use is in modern engines. It has ribs running lengthwise. The belt likewise drives the engine's accessory units. These include the alternator, the cooling water pump, the air conditioning compressor and the power steering pump.

A mechanical or hydraulic system adjusts the tension of the V-ribbed belt for the respective service demands. Idler pulleys route the belt around additional accessories. Used as stabilizers, they can also help control belt span vibration (collision).



  • Maintenance-free
  • Oil-resistant
  • Heat- and low-temperature-resistant from -30 to 80 °C
  • Tropic-proof
  • Very long service life

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