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Motul Break In Oil - 1 Qrt 10W40 Mineral

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High detergent and dispersive properties for engine cleanliness. Compatible with catalytic converters.
Formulated with HC-Tech lubricant and reinforced with extreme pressure additives, 3000+ 10W-40 lowers friction and wear with its high lubricating properties. Its high oxidation stability and dispersive properties protect engines from oil thickening and keeps it running clean smoothly. This makes it a perfect New engine break in oil.



Lubricant reinforced with high quality mineral base stocks to ensure engine protection and a strong extreme pressure additive to improve gears life time.

Low Phosphorus and Sulphur content for better operating conditions of catalytic converters required to meet last emission regulation.

JASO MA approved to warranty a perfect lock up of wet clutches.



  • Oil change: according to manufacturers' requirements and to be adjusted according to particular use.
  • Can be mixed with synthetic or semi synthetic lubricants.

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