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Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU

SKU: PEC-SQ6-STD by Pectel
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The Pectel SQ6 sets the benchmark for high-performance engine management systems. Its Freescale MPC565 microprocessor and dedicated timer co-processor bring class leading performance in a cost-effective package. No other ECU offers the same combination of price, power, performance and flexibility.

Twelve configurable injector drivers combined with eight IGBT ignition outputs AND eight logic level coil driving outputs make this ECU capable of fully sequential fuelling on normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines from one to twelve cylinders. Fly-by-wire capability is included, with Stepper and DC motors catered for.

Put all of this functionality in one small light box and you have an ECU capable of working with almost any combination of coil, injector, OEM sensor and actuator.

An all new crank and camshaft pattern recognition system allows the SQ6 to be used with virtually any OEM timing wheel. This sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm also facilitates synchronisation during slow and uneven cranking conditions.

Hugely flexible, the SQ6 has two, and sometimes three functions on many of its pins: unused injector and IGBT ignition outputs can be used as digital outputs, unused digital inputs can be used as 10 bit analogue inputs, H-bridge outputs can be used in either full or half bridge mode, H-bridge outputs can be combined to drive a stepper motor or used to provide additional high or low-side drive capability.

All of these features are enabled by software.

Designed to be robust, the SQ6 has reverse-battery, over-voltage and load dump protection built in as standard. Sensor supply and signal ground pins are also protected against shorts to battery positive and negative.

Advanced software features include traction control, launch control, gearshift strategies, variable valve timing of up to 4 camshafts (including BMW VANOS), high speed data logging and scrutineering modes for single make championship.

The ECU has optional highly advanced control strategies for semi-automatic/paddle-shift gearboxs which include FBW throttle blip and over rev protection. Customers who have used this have extended gearbox life by 100%.



Standard features:

  • Fly-by-Wire
  • Push-to-Pass
  • Boost Control
  • Knock Control 
  • Gear Cut / Auto Blip  
  • Advanced Idle Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Adjustable Traction Control  
  • Dual Wideband Lambda Control 
  • 12 configurable injector drivers 
  • 8 configurable IGBT ignition drivers 
  • User configured switchable outputs 
  • CAN decodes for several applications
  • Advanced limp home modes and engine protection 
  • User configured inputs for array of custom functions 
  • 4 Mb logging with 2000 samples per second using Pi Toolbox 

*Optional upgrade to integrate on-board Paddle Shift Control making for a very simple and clean install, using only one box for both engine and transmission control. 

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