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Schroth Flexi 2x2 FIA Harness, 2" Shoulder 2" Lap, PU/PD

SKU: SCH-94530-Black by Schroth
Price $519.00
The Flexi 2x2 driver restraint harness from Schroth is designed for professional sprint racing. The 2 inch lap belt can be installed as either a pull-down or pull-up adjustment depending on your needs. Lap and shoulder belts each have grab bars on the loose ends to make tightening easier. The 2 inch shoulder straps are designed specifically for use with a HANS Device. The buckle is permanently attached to the T-bar on the sub straps. Available in Black, Blue, or Red. FIA 8853-2016 homologated.

Lap belts: 2 inch, convertible pull-down or pull-up adjustment, wrap/snap mounting
Shoulder belts: 2 inch (FHR only), wrap/snap mounting
Sub straps: 2 inch, T-bar buckle tab, Tilt-Lock length adjusters, wrap/snap mounting

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